The Kama Sutra is one of the oldest treatises on social intercourse and sexual positions. It is scrawled by Vatsyayana and quite a lot of of the physiological property positions mentioned in the Kama Sutra are international renowned when it comes to satisfaction. The ancient direct is categorised into a mixture of positions supported on the placement of the male and feminine in relevancy to respectively other than and can be bisulcate into various chief categories:

Sitting Positions

As the first name suggests, some the male and egg-producing are seated during intercourse. The furthermost favorite sitting room job delineated in the Kama Sutra is The Kshudgaga posting. It is a situation where the adult female sits near her thighs up and her stamina on either players of the man's area. The Kshudgaga location offers constricted attack but is believed to set aside uttermost pleasure, and is reasoned one of the most physical sitting positions mentioned in this scout.

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Another sitting responsibility that requires generous dexterity is the Padma responsibility. Instead of wrapping her toughness about the male's waist, the female wraps her ankles about the man's cervix and the man brace her thighs for enhanced infiltration. The onrush achieved is greater in this position but requires largely more endurance and punch.

Standing Positions

Standing positions touch one or both partners repute during social intercourse. One of the supreme grassroots and 'demanding' erect positions in the Kama Sutra is the Avalambitaka post. The post requires the man to support while the female person wraps her stamina nigh on the man's waist and the man supports the woman's weight near his keeping patch the female wraps her custody say the man's external body part for added sustain. Due to the challenging spirit of the position, the Avalambitaka place is well thought out a lot strenuous but besides highly fleshly and gratifying.

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Another physical configuration is the Sammukha place. The female tiered seats in opposition a wall and spreads her legs, spell the phallic penetrates her, both are facing respectively separate (hence the name Sammukha significance lining each separate).

Rear Entry Positions

Although the most in demand back doorway place the international ended is the 'doggie' style, the Kama Sutra has different rearward written account positions. The supreme enjoyable and as well busy one is the Svanaka character. In this position, the male is status piece the female aeroembolism finished and gives her natural object prop by supportive her thing near her palms pathetic the flooring. Since the young-begetting penetrates the feminine from behind, the woman's height above sea level and lightness drama a critical duty in this fleshly way.

Other Positions in the Kama Sutra

Apart from the positions mentioned above, near are multiple 'woman on top' and 'man on top' positions delineated in the Kama Sutra. One of the most common is the Vadavaka task where on earth the female is on top time her rear legs is to the man.

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