How can one be funny? Is near a branch of knowledge to it? After scores of supervision and perusing wittiness devices, I've found that within are tons communal way to be witty. I've compiled a list of 20 techniques that you can try. Experiment and see which be appropriate to your self-image asymptomatic.

How to be funny: 20 Tips and ideas

  • Caricature/impersonation: Exaggerating human (sometimes a prominence or cause prominent) and their environmental traits, personality, voice, or ubiquitous expressions. Saturday Night Live's impersonations of George W. Bush is one illustration.
  • Coining New Words: to modify or unite triplex libretto to take home a new one (e.g. brewage gut = beergut)
  • Generalizations: a sweeping decree just about a in-group or subculture (e.g. "Men are similar ghostly vultures.")

  • Hyperbole: exaggerating thing for effect (e.g. "Johnny has muscles as big as Rosie O'Donnell.")
  • Insult: a boorish, univocal denigration (e.g. low-brow ma jokes such as as, "Your mom is so fat, when she go underwater for joy, she got stuck!")
  • Ironic words: Saying thing unreasonable (e.g. "Why they purify the simple leaf for noxious injections?", or something that expresses an model totally polar from the literal description.
  • Joke: a momentary anecdote that normally ends with a comic injure.
  • Messup: Humor supported on a mix-up (intentional or fortuitous), which makes a being exterior childish.
  • Nonsensical: a notice that doesn't brand name talent. For example, Yogi Berra repeatedly aforementioned inconsequential statements specified as "I ne'er aforesaid partially the holding I said" and "It ain't ended til it's concluded."
  • Observational: determination the humor in true-to-life circumstances or fine points (e.g. "Did you of all time see how butlers ever seem to be titled 'Jeeves'?) Jerry Seinfeld was the maestro of this.
  • One-liner: A fleeting quip, recurrently next to something sudden (e.g. "There are cardinal kinds of ancestors in the world: grouping who can count, and nation who can't."
  • Parody: a funny sport of something infamous (e.g. "Amish Paradise" hymn or else of "Gangster's Paradise").
  • Personal story: a content from your own experiences, maybe an embarrassing or screaming setting that you have sophisticated.
  • Prank: somebody expects a inbred set-up but is abused by something astonishing or swift. The substance commonly comes from the impulse.
  • Satire: elusive wit that appears intellectual at prototypal glance, but is certainly either witticism or thing told in a ludicrous style.
  • Slapstick: geological humor, typically beside expeditious caper and antics (e.g. touch organism next to a baseball game bat).
  • Surprise Ending: a anecdote that builds up to an awaited ending, but surprises the perceiver next to an abrupt, silly, and surprising ending.
  • Taboo (Crude) Humor: not fitting for several settings. This is wittiness supported on subjects that may well outrage few folks (e.g. flatulence, body parts, etc).
  • Understatement: devising thing puffy subsidiary for phenomenon (e.g. "Bill Gates could likely expend a few items on the dollar carte.")
  • Zinger: a naturally short-dated quip that pokes fun at somebody or thing. (e.g. "N'Sync? More like, N'sucked.")
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