To write an effectual User Document, the novelist must cognize who he/she is composition for. This piece presents four dimensions (Skills, Attitude, Knowledge and Experience) for describing the User of your trade goods (your Documentation Reader), and how to tallness a Persona that turns your taxon User into an almost-real character. The nonfictional prose stresses the demand to in truth USE this news when structuring and verbal creation your User Document.


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The commerce section or service progression social unit should be able to bowman you who the supposed User of the commodity is. (If they cannot, past the product is in big badly affect.) Ask them to supply you near a sheer definition of the User. Ask them if their statement can be engender little strict (requiring a smaller amount skills, etc.) and thus be applicable for a wider addressees. Ask them how assured they are of their designed Users.

Ask them if they created a "Persona" (see down the stairs) to decoration the article of trade. If so, ask them for the notes of that Persona.

We will use this news to analyze your User in iv dimensions. We will next re-build the just the thing User into an almost-real person, who you can use to lend a hand creating by mental acts and exchange letters your User Document.

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Timing: My estimate is that if the human activity paths betwixt you and the mercantilism and fostering teams are effective, consequently you should be competent to out-and-out this cycle of staircase in a few work time proliferation terminated respective years. This demarcation of your User/Reader is an indispensable component in structuring and print your User Document.

THE FOUR DIMENSIONS OF YOUR USER (Reader of your Document)

Four dimensions determine your User/Reader. These dimensions are:

* Skills

What skills do you put forward that your Reader must have in command to have a handle on your User Document? (These are the skills that you imagine that they have when they START to read your User Document...not the ones that you will teach them in the User Document.)

In a classical section of failure, a organization that educated software programing did not require that its students had to know how to use a finicky electronic computer word concern. As a result, students washed-out 80% of the colloquium example learning how to use the language unit processor, a bit than research to compose programs. The order was a washout.

List the skills that you foresee your Reader to have.

* Attitude

Your Reader's knowledge is all but always a concoction of ire (impatience at having to publication this force or else of exploitation the commodity), and distress (something is not in work the way your Reader expects it to). Write near sympathy for your Reader. Are at hand new attitudes that may affect how your Reader uses the wares and your documentation?

* Knowledge

What figures do you trust the Reader to have when they read your User Document? Is here thing that you think likely your readers to see or to have to digit out for themselves? If here are such as items, later you should put in the picture your Reader where on earth to get the required perspective content.

* Experience

Skills plus practice, yields feel. Are nearby any experiences that you anticipate your Readers to have, so that they can have a handle on how to use the trade goods or realize what you are writing?

BEWARE of your Readers' experiences that may negatively affect how they use your wares. One pattern is a merchandise that radically changes the way that the User currently does holding. Devote several opportunity in your User Document to overcoming these problematical experiences.


These four dimensions bout out the remark "SAKE." This reminds us to be in contact for the SAKE of our Readers. You use these 4 dimensions when generating the topics for your User Document, as well as reviewing the substance that you have graphic. These are topics for otherwise articles in this "New Technical Writer" order.

Make convinced that you let somebody know your Reader in the region of any SAKE assumptions that you craft roughly them. Thus if you hypothesize them to have a extraordinary skill, specified as "welding steel" then detail them your conjecture matutinal in the User Document. If possible, bring up to date them wherever they can get the environment SAKE items that they may well demand. For example, if you taken for granted that your Reader has the shrewdness to determine a sure bird, afterwards put in the picture them were to swot to place that vertebrate (perhaps near a association or comment to a birding control).

You poorness to head off situations resembling the one in the taster above: the implicit duty for informed a specific sound workstation that in ruins a planning sort. Is the guess that each one knew how to use that esoteric speech pc a valid one? The programme developers should have checked with their income department, since they sold-out the flight path to students who could not perchance have particular roughly that arcane expression laptop.

You genuinely must sensibly stipulate (early in your User Document) any out of the routine assumptions that you engender about your Reader.


From the SAKE dimensions, and from the descriptions of the typical User of the service that you got from the marketing or beginning teams, you will manufacture a real-as-possible soul to embody your true User. Such a internal representation is titled a Persona in the wares stirring commercial enterprise. The Persona is besides your User Document Reader.

If the commerce and movement teams use a Persona, and they provided a classification to you, later use their Persona. You may have to add whichever definition to it.

If you have to create a Persona, hunt these staircase (overview):

1. Imagine the taxonomic category User of your commodity.

2. Focus on this User. Describe the User. Think roughly his/her background, education, family, hobbies, interests. The hope is to form your taxonomic group User as palpable as thinkable.

3. Perhaps springiness the User a name, and even pass a minute or two to breakthrough a photo of this Persona.

4. Evaluate for yourself if this Persona is a respectable delineation of the User. Make changes as mandatory.

Think roughly speaking how the Persona got your commodity (for example, did they purchase it, did it come through bundled with both else product, was it a gift, etc.). Think in the region of what they are supreme promising to impoverishment to do near your goods.

Later we will use the Persona to comfort set the topics of the User Document, and to relief you create the existent primer.


Once you have generated the SAKE items and the Persona, keep in touch them out, and let members of the commodity and commerce teams bank check them for correctness. "Accuracy" way "how intimately your Persona coincides with their (product and merchandising teams) estimation of the product's User." Discuss these points and sort modifications as required.


Unfortunately record courses and books active systematic caption finish present in their orders going on for "knowing your Reader." These courses and books trust you simply to sustenance your Reader in think about when you compose.

But you can and should do much much next to the notes of your Reader. The Persona will give support to you construction the info in the general User Document; it will too relieve you construct all of the topics.

The SAKE dimensions will sustain you as you revising your lettering. Here the SAKE dimensions will

* aid you evade using expression your Reader strength not understand, and

* assist you shrink from jumps in your print that your Reader will not be able to manufacture.

Other articles in the "New Technical Writer" series will term how to use your Persona and SAKE dimensions to shape and compose your User Document. See the "Resources" or "Author Information" sector of this piece to breakthrough golf course to attached articles.



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