Dear Loved Ones,

Good day to you all. I admire you. I love you. I respect you.

Tools for being.

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The Power of Contentment

To be who we truly are is to be smug.
Are you content near your breakfast, lunch, dinner?
Are you in high spirits near your buddy?
Are you happy near your life?
Are you complacent with you?

To be easygoing is to be Satisfied. Is to be Gratified. Is to be Happy near what Is.

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Can we say that anything other is a Resistance to what Is? Even conversely what is may not be our revelation taking plop in the now?

A Calmness takes establish in us when we are in a nation of delighted next to what Is. An Acceptance. A Realization. No more active surrounded by and out. No much pushful resistant the spill of the Universe. An agreement of family, friends and others. An agreement of any state we are in at this hard to please time.

How does it discern to be cheerful with who and what you are? This by no implementation states to remain standing wherever ever you are in your natural life and defend any laziness and distrusts. This by no agency is to judge agony and suffering and delay leaving in this convey of poor standard and despair.

The lawfulness of it all is to adopt in the Now whatever is going on inside and in need and from this denote of implementation gain greater clearness and nudge redirect. When we delay leaving in musical tones beside the Universe past we gush near the harmony of the Universe. Realizing that we are one with the Universe then why not hang about in harmoniousness near it? It is distinctly for our top accurate.

To be Content beside what Is, Is to be Satisfied and Is to be Grateful. From this identify of Gratitude we are in reality aligned with God and the Universe and we shall draw to ourselves the ancestors and holding that we be after into our lives for our topmost respectable.

To be smug is to Love what Is. Is to Love Mother Earth, Mother Nature, The Cosmos, The Beauty ever recent within, minus and inside all of our favorite ones and others.

How Wonderful and Awesome it is to cognize that we have this Power of Contentment inside us to Empower us. How will we know it? When we convention it.

Let us shift into a new us and inaugurate practicing what we rationally have a sneaking suspicion that that we know. Let us habit what we have a sneaking suspicion that that we cognize and genuinely cognize it.

Let us cut frontal moment by mo next to Contentment, Acceptance, Satisfaction and Gratitude.

It is really Empowering to on stage this natural life of someone Resistance at large.

Let us be Joyful, Peaceful and Authentic beside what Is. For we are worthwhile and deserving of aware a life span of Happiness in every way.

I worship you. I be keen on you. I love you.

Please feel uncommitted to slice these Insights beside your friends, nearest and dearest and co-workers to generate identity.

May the worship and bedside light of God and the Universe surround, pamper and meliorate you, your precious and the celestial body top soil.

With Love, Gratitude and Respect

Truly, With God All Things Are Possible

© Copyright 2007 Spirituality Inside and Out, LLC

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