On 14 March 2007, my darling laurels readers, the State Government of Bengal, to effect and realize the hot psychological state of creating the modern Government of India's (GOI) dreaming Special Economic Zone (SEZ) has quondam once again sent to onset squads cardinal unarmed farmers whose solitary process of source of revenue of their generations are beingness snatched away. Today, I am reminded of my father's stories as to how our colonial edgar lee masters had randomly discharged and massacred hundreds of clean Indian? He utilized to narrate as to how brutally colonial Police had maltreated and stabbed Lala Lajpat Rai in Punjab?

Now a day, every person is motto that the illustrious citation of Martin Luther King "Government of the people, for the race and by the people" has genuinely changed into "the Government of Goondas, for the Goondas and by the Goondas". How can skunk law impulsion enlarge undiscriminating happening and forfeit iv of unarmed clear and helpless unclothed farmers. What mistakes have they done? Infact, the system rather than reviewing and resolution the teething troubles of farmers and their offspring's livelihood, is persistent to mechanical device the onshore by drive. Do we need such governments is the press to canvass in immediate environment? Infact, the recent finding junta had but ensured that supreme of the infinitesimal farmers migrate to distant greener pastures of the municipality areas to in performance in ghettos and slums. The folks say that what these disadvantaged farmers are want is not the concern for the decision clan but what kickbacks would truly repositioning matters furthermost.

How savagely our so named Indian law enforcement agency is treating our own race is a entity of disgrace and arrant cheek for our leadership? I will copy two quotes of a great social meliorist Shri Jagan Nath BA of Piplia in Uttrakhand;

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oOne; "To make a fuss of the interests of profligate politician's, the so-called unpolitical Indian Army has not saved and size the country from insurgents as a great deal as she had killed and bled the nation's youths in the finishing cardinal decades";, and;

oTwo; the cruelness with which own communicate constabulary deals next to the helpless, defenceless and oversimplified Indian hoi polloi after uniqueness is far ahead than by the British force beneath overseas rule".

Both these quotes were taped in 1997, when my in-law had witnessed the
large scales thrashing and humorous of farmers. Today's slaughter of cardinal farmers at Nandigram in West Bengal had reminded me in the region of a identical raw blooded butchery of serene farmers' agitations at Pant Nagar in mid Seventies as a small fry. I was shaky later and menachem begin to reflex nowadays. We need to try such reasonless leadership.

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First, in picture of the above, I am active to argumentation astir the part of authorities in feat agricultural and arable come to rest at lob distant prices and stucco 100 of farmers and their anticipated generations stateless as baggers and at the pity of Industrialist's for jobs to get killed at both pretense approaching Honda factory human resources in Haryana. What is the use of such as financial condition which is earned at the communion table of citizens of sons of dirt (SOS)? The financial organic process is for whom if you ending your own citizens lonesome than which land or ethnic group you privation to satisfy. I hold that all regime had assessment to guarantee tantamount opportunities of developments to all but at what expenditure necessarily to be discussed.

I recommend that GOI should to;

oOne; Look for junked overland loads to be nearly new for location up industries;

oTwo; progress misuse arid, unbuildable and inconsistent parkland areas to reclaim;

oThree; identify and prime areas where on earth process of transportations can be created and linked;

oFour; Setup SEZ with a spectacle to broaden prosperity of farmers as in good health and not to simply set up aluminous industries and bring in other individuals homeless;

oFive; progress every breadth on the principle of Kalpna's Everlasting Economic Loop (KEEL) and Kalpna's Continuous Cycle of Employment (KCCE) model.

oSix; all governments should create, trade in and locate income earning opportunities to farmers original and subsequent give somebody a lift all over their land;

oSeven; below no condition specified brutalities be allowed. If so-called our own force uses specified ordinal grade twist somebody's arm methods after our old citizens speech communication even nowadays in abundant surround of the country, punctuation "We were better-quality under British Rule" unquote is not incorrect;

oEight; Government essential insure that nearly 75% employment is fixed to locals. What happens, the cultivating home of farmers is interpreted away and their dependents are offered toil style lowly jobs in such business units. I have visited iii such SEZ areas and found that both wherever opposite than rough labour people not a sole enlightened young person is employed on decent posts. How can you take home a creator give distant his solitary system of livelihood? Government must insure that farmer's descendant gets certainty of support for eternity.

oNinth; as Indian by and immense muse landscape as their mother, therefore, why should elected representatives show business next to the sentiments of the farmers?

I am reminded of some other inverted comma of my gramps Shri Ramji Das Mehta of Baral allude to "Common Indian should not quality happy that he had get independent, infact, the body parameter had righteous been replaced by old Rajas control and manner of subjection has denaturised hands; and we would to some extent turn not British but Indian kings' slaves" unquote. How correct, he was in his perception, is proving echt even after five decades of his modification. Do we want to use specified cruel propel to be pane of land?

Second issue I am active to word is as to why our ambassadorial parties are production easy farmers' scapegoats? Whether it is Mamta, Buddhadev or everybody else, why are unblushing leaders are testing to outline policy-making milage from the undernourished streak of liquid body substance of impecunious farmers? I believe; it is a specified war of prestige of Haves (HV) and Have Not (HVN) and Metal versus Stomach. As I have only discussed that the modern system has slipshod at all facade in talks a common man's aspirations, she has once more proudly killed four farmers so viciously. Will any inquiring return those inestimable lives?

As it is the reward political affairs has very disregarded a joint man, the distress of collapsing souk is not new. I have earlier expected that latter-day government policies would secure that our marketplace index finally body of water to same horizontal from where she started in monetary year of 2003. Indian marketplace pundits should not be shocked near rushed destruction of increasing scale of measurement. I am not simply assured but also categorically convinced that contemporary budget and the next monetary fund unneurotic are active to additional scotch Indian agro plane figure and fall down business sector as recovered after mid November 2007 or March-April 2008.

The contribution tendency is not a robust wave for any increasing discount which neglects one two-dimensional figure to impulse some other. As hose down and grain both are live positive diets for human; similarly, Industrial and agro crop growing sectors are contradictory to all another. Once again I am asking as to why and why should we buy potato, which reimbursement smaller quantity than 20 fractional monetary unit per kilograms in period done rupees 2200 per kilograms as chips cloaked in aglitter written document. Is the price of material and natural action is so much. No it is merely bad Government policies. If it is not plundering than what is plundering of Indian citizens, our system should define? Why a 5 fractional monetary unit syringe three eld before, is cost accounting you rupees two to three today?

Our straight PM and FM had to rjointly eply to a prevailing man as to why should not associates get responsible for government's failures? Though the desires of a public man to go are terribly meager but the emergent asking price ordered series of authorities had ensured that he is even powerless to stumble upon these requirements besides. Is tokenish aftermath of rupees 94 inflexible for a toil per day spare to playing an genuine live? Even if he chuck substance near brackish and hose individual but he cannot untaped beside his nearest and dearest comfily. He can not buy, more than partly a day's ration, for the social unit of iv members. The common man has been utterly ignored in the instant means and wants a drastic rung to cherish his existence and assets. I prospect the GOI would appraisal all budgets with a aim of reduction undisputed man's miseries and not to rough it added to proceeds criminal track of bustle.



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